Sonic Solutions Officially Launches Qflix; On-Demand DVD Burning Inching Closer To Reality

The long slog towards on-demand DVD burning is slowly nearing its end. The studios have given their blessing to a system that addresses their worries about piracy, and now it’s just a matter of building out the devices that incorporate the necessary standards. Thursday, Sonic Solutions announced the official launch of its Qflix system for adding a digital lock to burned DVDs. It’s partnering with Dell to push the technology, which several drive and device manufacturers already plan to use. A number of companies plan to use the technology in download & burn DVD kiosks at retail stores. Release

In conjunction with the announcement from Sonic Solutions, other companies now touting their Qflix-enabled wares include MOD Systems (release) and Primera (release), both of which have developed in-store kiosks.

Should this prove popular with consumers, Sonic Solutions clearly is in a good position to profit. The other parties that desperately need the technology to catch on are the troubled movie download services, like Movielink, which have been hampered by poor usability, partly stemming from restrictions on DVD copying. NewTeeVee has more, including an interview with Sonic Solutions VP Jim Taylor.