Google Accused Of Hosting Hundreds Of Pirated Movies

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The National Legal and Policy Center says a spot check of Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Video earlier this month found 300 examples of “apparently copyrighted” movies — and that the videos have been viewed more than 22 million times in the past year. The nonprofit group best known for its successful claims of ethics and legal breaches in government and politics is now asking members of Congress “to pay close attention to the ‘mainstreaming’ of video piracy by Internet leaders such as Google, and urge you to continue taking strong and enforceable measures to protect the intellectual property of American businesses.” At issue: Google’s policy of removing material only when asked by the copyright holder and its promises of filtering eventually to prevent piracy. In a statement, Google said it continues to work on filtering technology.

MKTW: “A check of the Google Video service late Wednesday revealed only clips and trailers of the movies mentioned by the National Legal and Policy Center.”

AP: Foundation chairman Ken Boehm paid his 18-year-old nephew $10 an hour to help find the content violations. Boehm: “We are hoping to shame Google into doing something,” Boehm said. “What they are doing is inexcusable corporate behavior. When big companies do something unethical, it sends a message to everyone else that it’s OK.”

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