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MIT gets a Little BP: British Petroleum (BP) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced a research partnership to explore energy conversion technologies, including the conversion of coal to electricity while minimizing carbon dioxide emissions – release.

Nuclear in Texas: For the first time in three decades, energy companies are vying to take the lead in building new nuclear power plants in the U.S. – The New York Times.

Cheaper Solar: Everyone is trying to figure out how to bring down the high costs of solar, and the topic was the centerpiece of much discussion at the Solar Power conference on Monday – CNET.

Big Blue’s Big Green: Joel Makower takes a look at IBM’s eco initiatives in this detailed Q&A — Green Biz.

Water Management Gets $$$: HydroPoint Data Systems, a water-management company, raised more cash, adding on to its $19-million Series B round the company raised last January – release.


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