Features I’d love to see in the iTunes Store

iTunes Store

iTunes has been around for quite some time (if my calculations are correct it’s about 6 years). It’s been my favorite music/video organizer I’ve ever used (both Mac and PC) and the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003 quickly made it the go-to place for purchasing music as opposed to actual CDs.

So while I really do love the iTunes Store, there are a few features that I’m honestly quite surprised have yet to make their way in to the software. In the 4 years of the store’s existence the main “shell” of the store really has changed very little. A few of these features I believe would make the shopping experience significantly better.

Tabbed Browsing

At the heart of it all, the iTunes Store is just a browser. It could just as well be a website accessible directly from Safari. So why doesn’t Apple provide some of the core features of a modern browser? Specifically, why aren’t there tabs in the iTunes Store interface?

I rarely go to iTunes just looking to buy specific albums I have in mind. I make frequent use of the “Listeners Also Bought” section on album pages and it can get pretty complicated trying to remember what artists I saw in those sections. Ideally I could just open each of those artists up in a new tab and then go through the tabs checking each artist out. Instead I’m limited to a simple set of forward and back buttons.


Another browser-like feature request here. Sometimes I’d like to check out bands/albums/songs but don’t necessarily have the time right then to do so. It’d be great to quickly hit a “save for later” type of button where I can amass a nice collection of music to check out when I do have some time on my hands to peruse a bit more.

Customizable (or at least “smart”) Interface

I have neither an iPod that can play games nor an iPhone to use the ringtones, so why am I shown anything about iPod games or given the option to purchase or see anything in relation to ringtones? I’m fully aware that certain subtle things can have an effect on what your purchase…ie. me seeing that iPod Games ad in the store could make me go and purchase a new iPod capable of playing those games, but at the same time, I really have no desire for that to clutter up the interface. Yes yes, I’m aware that it isn’t exactly a significant amount of space, but I find the store a bit cluttered regardless. The library side of iTunes lets you disable Podcasts, Radio, etc so it seems like they should give you more control over what you see in the store as well.

What are some features you’d like to see (or have removed) from the store?


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