Blog Post Gets To Be On Tap For Another Year; “Learning” As Its Main Function

And learning they surely are:’s life has been extended for a year, the company made it official, though indications to this effect came out in May. Tony Ponturo, VP of global media and sports/entertainment marketing at Anheuser-Busch said today that it has decided to stick with Bud.TV at least through 2008…the decision was made about a month ago, after a disastrous first year. “We wanted to get through the step of, ‘OK, should we continue into ’08 as we build our marketing plans?’ and that was the decision…I think it (Bud.TV) is something that could have an ending someday, but I think if we keep learning from it and if we keep seeing assets from it … then it makes sense to continue the site.” It may be relaunched early 20008…”We have to keep evolving it…We need to work better on getting traffic and relatable content. We’re also trying to find ways to create a dialogue with the consumer so there’s a chance for chat and text. We need to build that platform out a little bit more.”

The site is in discussions with Hollywood producers for new content.