AT&T boosting 3G upload speeds, up to 800 kbps


Newattlogo_2I don’t see the details behind this, but InformationWeek tells us that AT&T is set to announce a boost in their 3G upload speeds. Within the next two months, AT&T customers should see uploads in the 500- to 800-kbps range, which tells me this might be a quiet HSUPA rollout. Currently, AT&T offers HSDPA with EDGE fallback and as a customer of that service, the boost in upload speeds will be most welcome. My last speed test noted downloads of 1663 kbps but only 330 kbps going back up. While most folks don’t need speed upload bandwidth for basic e-mailing and such, this upgrade could pave the way for higher quality video conversations between phones. Let’s see what and when the company officially announces.


Kevin C. Tofel

Rodfather, the 881U will definitely offer faster up and down speeds with proper network support, but the datasheets on Sierra Wireless’s site shows them to be the exact same size and weight. Still a little bulky for a UMPC but what can you do?


I wish I had at least had HSDPA in my area.
AT&T is releasing the Sierra Wireless 881U USB modem on 10/23. Updated version of the 875U. It’s a bit smaller and supports HSUPA.


The other advantage to at&t 3G service is you can download the Apple Leopard Client’s 6.55GB dmg file with it.

The Clearwire WiMAX service consistently clips the download somewhere between 66% and 75%. So much for unlimited on Clearwire…

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