Sling-DISH: Interview: Blake Krikorian, Chairman and CEO, Sling Media

I caught up with Blake Krikorian, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Sling Media, soon after the company’s announcement Monday evening that it had agreed to be acquired by EchoStar Communications (NSDQ: DISH). In the interview with, Krikorian, who founded Sling Media with his brother Jason in 2004, stressed plans by both companies for Sling to continue on its present course: “We expect very little change to our business except that we have even deeper pockets, and access to other core technologies.” Some more excerpts in extended entry…

Operator agnostic: Despite the deeper connection with EchoStar, an investor since early 2006, Krikorian insists the company will remain “operator agnostic,” adding “hopefully, we can target DISH customers as well. … The opportunity, the one that we


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