Vid-Biz: Nielsen, Disney, Wes Anderson


Nielsen Launches Social Network; audience tracking firm says that by using the site, called Hey! Nielsen, your opinions on pop culture could reach the “media moguls” who decide what gets made. (MediaWeek)

Finns Get Early Access to Disney TV Via the Web; commercial broadcaster Nelonen will let viewers pay to watch shows online just four days after they debut in the U.S., it’s the first time Disney has released multiple network shows so early. (Reuters)

New Wes Anderson Short Will Be Free on iTunes; Hotel Chevalier, the “introduction” to The Darjeeling Limited starring Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman, will play in select Apple stores tomorrow, then be available for free on iTunes on Wednesday. (LA Times)

Joost Wins Wall Street Journal Award; P2P service picks up a bronze Technology Innovation Award for delivering TV programming over the Internet. (Wall Street Journal)

Yahoo “Mashup” Debate Pulls in One Million Viewers; but most people watch the snarkier questions asked by comedian Bill Maher over the standard questions from Charlie Rose. (LA Times)


Mark Day

I cannot express in words, graphs and demographic charts how much I’ve yearned for a website that combines the fun of having one more social network to participate in, with the excitement of lobbying for my favorite TV shows not to get canceled.

Or would do, if I had any favorite TV shows at this point…

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