The Mad Ad World & Cheap Calls

[qi:86]Technology business often goes through periods where rationality and reality are suspended. We just might be in that phase, and nothing highlights that than the launch of ad-supported phone services. In UK, Blyk, an ad-supported mobile service we wrote about eons ago launched. Given the high tariffs in Europe they might have a prayer of a chance, but don’t hold your breath.

Want to know what’s more stupid: this ad-supported experiment called The Pudding, which is getting a lot of attention. it is one of the more inane ideas out there, worse than say yet-another-social-bookmarking service. Never mind, that over here calls are cheap enough that most of us don’t really want to put up with the extra steps to save a few pennies.

Will you listen to ads in exchange for free calls?
  • Yes, after all a penny saved is penny earned
  • No… it isn’t worth the hassle
  • I make my company pay for my phone


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