Google Partnering On Pedal Power Contest


Google’s (GOOG) been getting geared up over greentech like plug-in hybrids, solar, more eco-friendly data centers, and now . . . pedal power? The search engine giant says it’s partnering with bike company Specialized and ad firm Goodby Silverstein & Partners on a contest called the “Innovate or Die Pedal-Powered Machine Challenge.”

The companies are calling for all pedal-minded DIYers to document and submit to YouTube their innovative inventions that transform pedaling energy into new uses and run machines. Check out this pedal-powered laptop from the Specialized guys themselves:

The grand prize isn’t so amazing — a Specialized bike and a $5,000 check. But hey, you’re gonna do this for the planet, right? For more info, read all the rules on the official web site (we could do without the creepy music, guys) and get your entries in before Dec. 15th. The winners will be announced in January.


Lou Covey

Um, anyone notice that she was too winded to actually do anything on the computer. He even comments that it’s not easy to do.

Don’t think this is going to accomplish much. Plus it;s been done. The Jhai Foundation in Laos has been delivering these the Laotian tribes sine 2003.

My SigChat

It makes being on your computer healthier. That’s actually a great idea, it would be really neat if you could store the energy for a long while. Like while watching tv I could ride the cycle, and then use the stored energy to power my computer later (that way I don’t have to keep cycling). I find that I’d probably be able to better multi-task watching tv and cycling then being on the computer/interacting and maintaining the momentum needed to power the computer.

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