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BPL Mobile Launches Off-Portal WAP Site

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BPL Mobile has launched an off-portal WAP site at, reports TechTree. I just accessed the WAP site via Airtel GPRS. They’ve got ringtones, games, TV, cricket, humor, astrology and messaging, among other things. All content is available for a price. I wasn’t able to download a video – got an “Error: Invalid” message, probably because I’m on an Airtel connection. Apparently, the site streams video if accessed from a supported handset. The site timed out thrice for me, and it’s a real pain typing a URL as long as I also don’t understand why BPL Mobile would launch an off-portal site when the content apparently can only be purchased by BPL Mobile users.
Update: Just received a release as per which, the portal is for BPL Mobile users only.

7 Responses to “BPL Mobile Launches Off-Portal WAP Site”

  1. Thomas

    Sure. bpl is just like any other service provider. I've used orange and then airtel for a year each and then came to bpl. I'm with bpl since almost 5 years.
    About the WAP portal, I'm sure that bpl thinks about itself first. After all, it's in this business for money, not charity. You're asking for charity here, which is unfair. I'm sure if you have a web browser in your phone, the experience is unbelievable! Right now, i'm using my mobile phone on bpl network to access this page and comment.
    BUT, BPL thinks about its customers more than any other service provider. And about the complexity of the packages, people have different needs and they have specific things to offer to all kinds of people.
    According to my personal experience, BPLmobile is the Best.

  2. Anonymous2

    I agree with mobstir even after being a BPL user. What is in a operator controlled wap-site that independant sites don't have… They charge Rs100/- for downloading a mobile game… can I ask if the same game isn't available for download elsewhere for free… it might be and it should be… I was going through Vodafone's booklet and found they provide on their site "Karpov 3D chess" (Rs.50-100 for downloading) while found the same game on net for free…

    Just to emphasize… WAP portals of operators are only for non-netizens… as those who are already (well)acquainted with net don't need them at all.

  3. @Anonymous – As a consumer do you really care if your service provider runs a single circle operation or a 23 circle operation? BPL does not care whether I earn 20K Rs a monthor 40K Rs a month why should I care about their size of operations. Their rates are same/similar as other networks so I expect best service and connectivity irrespective of other factors.

    I am yet to visit their wap portal so wont comment on it. But if it is paid for BPL users also then I will be very disappointed.

    It may be that BPL Mobile is just adding properties and raising its profile in the market to command better valuation. This is Ruias' obvious gameplan.

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Mobster ooops mobistir…

    I certainly share your sentiments about the BPL network
    I have been a bpl subscriber for almost a decade and thats saying a lot…..
    we have faced issues from time to time in service quality , call drops as you say and a host of other issues.

    But i do not think you are fair to term them as penny pinchers out to make a fast buck…
    Give the devil his due ,
    BPL has after all come up with this so called WAP portal , which inspite of whatever reservations you may have , runs and delivers what it promises.By the way my children use airtel and reliance and curse the network more than i do….I guess all networks are sailing in the same boat . With the Vodafone happening the number of all drop and bad network issues that I have observed is significant.

    Its been not so long ,that the entire base has been provisoned ;WAP access for Prepaid is free and for the rest its pay as you use with some nominal paise value.
    And yes another thing , i am sure you will agree with as well , Running a single circle operation is a nightmare when the competition is pan india.
    Let us hope ther is some strategic alliance in the near future that may see us BPL customers in much happier times,


  5. I wish BPL did something about connectivity and call droppage instead. Even though they have been loosing subs pretty rapidly (so no spectrum pressure) and they probably have the highest arpu customers in India (the first mobile users who were paying high prices) their service leaves much to be desired.

    Some things they should fix:
    1] Call Droppages
    2] Automated GPRS settings for all phones including SE/Motorola
    3] Simpler packages
    4] Fix their actual deck before doing the icon portal
    5] Upgrade all subs to free GPRS for 3 months and then charge

    They have been on a saving mode for too long, they need to do something far more real if they want to retain me as a high value subscriber

    Oh and btw, spend some money on marketing please…dont use aliases to market your products in comments. We are intelligent individuals who also know and play the game :) cheers

  6. Safina Khan

    Heiii Nik!!

    Guess the reason y they allow us to access their site is – just to visit a different experience but don't allow any1 of us (am a hutch user) to download coz we arn't BPL Mobile.

    One of my friend is an exhaustive BPL Wap user . With Ramdan being celebrated ; I often land on her phone to check the portal done in Arabic. It not alone gives me my prayer timings but also the correct prayer that I need to say..

    Guess, they really take care of their user. The content is very realtive and the experience is nice; with the menu which makes it very convinient to get your cricket or astrology updates..

    Its interesting to see such a change.

  7. Radhika Sen

    Dear Nikhil

    You are right!! You could not get a download access because you are an Airtel user.

    The beauty of the BPL Mobile site is that it is one of the first full fleged XHTML WAP site,The site will give you an experience adapted to your ow handset type… It replicates a grid based menu structure, that makes it so convinient to make a choice whether you want to get the latest movies or ringtones or cricket or devotional or sensual . Make a choice and you can get it there!!!!

    There recent launch of Mobile TV gives you real time News Channels and compressed movies like chupke chupke; which has always been one of my favorites ….

    This is one of the richest experience I have seen … since i was using hutch and airtel before this ….

    So as they say ..U must GET in the LOOP…