10.4.11 Updates?

With September ending, and Leopard effectively promised for October, the 10.4.11 ‘fix list’ keeps piling up. That I know of right now, it supposedly should cover: CUPS, VPN and L2TP, audio bugs (Core Audio and .m4a), AFP server issues, USB devices, networking fixes (again), BSD and interlock timeouts, and all kinds of ‘enhancements.’

I know that I, at least have a couple of machines that are not going to be running Leopard ever – they just can’t hack it. They’re fine for their purpose, lab machines all, but they don’t meet system requirements for Leopard and never will. I have only three machines – my Macbook Pro, my G5 Powermac, and a G4 iMac – that can, in fact. Accordingly, I am much more interested in Tiger updates than Leopard. I’ve seen all the reviews and feature lists for Leopard already.

Here’s what I’m hoping for in 10.4.11:

  • Playing .ogg, .wma, and .flac without extra plugins or conversions.
  • Not crashing G4 machines when a Samba share goes missing. (Elegant disconnects.)
  • Pie in the sky, but – an icon editor/replacement app?
  • Reliable time from a network timeserver running on a Windows machine, because there’s nothing like locking an Active Directory password because Kerberos is being cranky.
  • Better interoperability with Active Directory – companies are not going to be switching to Leopard on a large scale yet, and fixing this in Tiger is the way to go.

What do you hope to see?


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