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Ning, Anywhere CD & Other Weekend Thoughts

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Weekends… what are they good for? Two things – catching up on RSS reading and answering emails – which just seem to pile up during the week, especially in weeks when we are all busy with conferences. And it is also the time to take stock of all bits and pieces of news and information one has been able to gather.

And nothing helps with clearing your inbox like a nice fresh cup of tea. This week’s tea is Assam Golden Tips I picked up earlier this weekend from Lupica Tea in San Francisco. If you are a tea-nerd, this is the where you go to buy loose leaf tea, which by the way is the only civilized way to drink tea.

[qi:005] Anywhere CD Spins Down: Michael Robertson, the constant entrepreneur is going to shut down his latest project, AnywhereCD sometime this week. The idea to offer physical CDs and their digital downloads for one flat price didn’t catch on. Blame it on lack of a big library, or consumer apathy to full albums or just simple Apple domination, the party didn’t even get started for this company. The good news – this going out of business sale means for a week you can buy CDs for $7.

[qi:064] Ning 100,000: Ning, a company that I have written about in the past has hit the 100,000 social network mark. That works out to about 370 new networks a day, since I last wrote about them on July 9, when they had about 71,000 networks. With their recent $44 million financing, the company has enough cash to scale their infrastructure to support future growth. [Disclosure: We use Ning for our NewTeeVee Screenings community including the page we have set up for the first New York event.]

[qi:030] GMail Redux: Google seems to be working on a new version of GMail. Two words about what I want: IMAP Support!

[qi:012] My Top Picks At TechCrunch 40.

  1. Xobni (our article)
  2. MetaPlace (our article)
  3. CastTV. (NewTeeVee profile.)

Honorable mentions: Cubic Telecom & (Demo Pit.)

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9 Responses to “Ning, Anywhere CD & Other Weekend Thoughts”

  1. What is the significance of user created social network within Ning? I feel that these networks are isomorphic to groups within Facebook. Ning could generate the same amount of traffic (hence the revenue) if there are no “subnetworks” but heavy user participation.

  2. Mmm. IMAP gmail.

    If they do that and open up the hosted domains program they have in some kind of beta/trial, then I’d switch. in a heartbeat. I’m using Zimbra and mostly happy with it, but I certainly don’t need to spend the money.