Leave Britney Alone Guy & 15 Frames Of Fame


Andy Warhol used to say that everyone has their 15-minutes of fame. In the post-YouTube era, make it 15 frames of fame. For that is the only reasonable explanation to latest kookiness around Britney Spears’ dismal performance at the MTV Video Awards. Her performance  was mocked worldwide, but one man stood up for Britney.

Chris Crocker (stage name), a 19-year-old  Tennessee-native became an Internet celebrity thanks to his teary and screaming defense of Britney’s performance. His YouTube video got 8 million views, according to AP, and now his reality show career is back on track. Variety had first reported about the likelihood of Crocker getting a new gig.

It is ironic, the Britney bomb has worked out for everyone except Britney. There is justice in this world after all!

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