Sunny News: Solar RoundUp

The sun shined on us this week (at least near E2T headquarters) and investments, deals and partnerships in the solar industry were bright too. Wha’ppened? Here’s the solar primer of the week. Oh yeah, and expect even more solar news from us when Solar Power 2007 kicks off on Monday:

  • European Solar Deal: Danish power producer Scan Energy will work with Solon, a German manufacturer of solar systems, to build a 44 MW solar power plant in Spain.
  • What you see isn’t what you get: Keep a close eye on the estimated potential output of a solar system and the actual production of kilowatt-hours, says Neal Dikeman. He quotes a California Energy Commission study that claims “a 100-watt module output, reduced by production tolerance, heat, dust, wiring, AC conversion and other losses will translate into about 68 watts of AC power delivered to the house panel during the middle of a clear day.” Uh-oh.
  • GE Likey Thin Film: We brought you the news that GE has reached an agreement to acquire a minority interest in thin film player PrimeStar Solar. Ecomagination in effect!

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