Where To Watch Network TV Online


ABC has made good on its promise to start syndicating content beyond its own site by announcing a deal with AOL that puts full episodes of ABC programming on the video portal. Earlier this week, NBC said it will debut its VOD service in October (prompting Liz to wonder What about Hulu?).

(FOX is the latest network to go all iTunes on us, and we are not complaining, because these downloads are free! Yeah… Mr. Murdoch is feeling all warm and fuzzy! Editor.) One thing is clear, as the annual fall TV season kicks off, this year networks don’t just want eyeballs on traditional TV, they want online audiences as well.

We’ve written before about how these are fast times in the world of online TV. Things seem to change daily. So to keep you up-to-date and informed, we put together this list of where you can watch the full episodes of your favorite network shows online. For the sake of space, it’s limited to the five major networks (all of whom were contacted to ensure no syndication partners were left out, but as of this writing, only NBC responded).

A progamming note — not every TV show shown on the network is available.

Network Home Page AOL iTunes Amazon Unbox Xbox Live
ABC Yes Yes Yes Just The Nine No
CBS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CW Yes No Yes Yes Yes
FOX Yes Yes Yes (free for now)
Yes Yes
NBC Yes Not Yet For now Yes Yes

As the new shows launch we’ll keep tabs to see which partners are filling up with content, and which ones are falling off. (Update: Looks like the CW added full episodes for some shows to its Web site.)

And, if you want to know how the streaming quality of all the networks’ offerings compares, check out Last100‘s excellent write-up.