Content Roundup: TMZ, NBC, 60 Minutes, Sesame

2 Comments is apologizing after it posted a video of what it thought was famed O.J. Simpson Judge Lance Ito saying Simpson was “guilty as sin” of the latest crime of which he is accused. Apparently it was someone who only looked like Judge Ito. Oops. The video was swiftly removed and according to the LA Times, a TMZ spokesman would not comment beyond the prepared statement: “Judge Ito has not made, nor will he make, any public comments regarding this matter or any matters related to O.J. Simpson.”


If the peacock network makes any more news announcements, we’re going to have to change our name to NBCeeTeeVee. announced two original web shows will premiere this fall on the site. Coastal Dreams will be a “fun, sexy soap” (NBC’s words, not mine), that will last 24 episodes and feature a host of interactive elements (like receiving txt msgs frm karaktrz). It will debut Oct. 2. Pale Force, the hilarious animated series from Jim Gaffigan (and featuring Conan O’Brien) about a pasty pair of superheroes returns starting Sept. 24.

Fans of Andy Rooney rejoice. CBS (CBS) will start making episodes of its stalwart news magazine 60 Minutes available as free audio podcasts. While it’s not video (you can stream excerpts from the show at, this is the first time the program will be downloadable in its entirety.

P is for Podcast, that’s good enough for Sesame Street, which introduced a weekly video podcast based on the popular children’s television show. The five-minute podcasts will feature newly-created episodes from current and past seasons of the program.


Billy Hice

i would like to get a tape of the Pres. Elect Obama’s life story that was aired on 60 mintues last Sunday.
Please let me know. Thank you.

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