HT Media To Integrate Online And Print Ops

Over the past few months, we’ve done a couple of posts about old media adjusting to new media and vice-versa, and several heated discussions (some which we’ve had to close) have evolved around them in the comments. The Editor’s Weblog has a rather interesting post, based on an interview with Pankaj Paul, Managing Editor of HT Media.

At HT, the online and print teams were physically and organizationally separate, and HT is trying to integrate them: the company will have online and mobile specialists, but no separate online team. Content will be sent to a central hub by journalists, and the editor will select appropriate content for each platform. The focus will be increasing multimedia content on the digital platform, and journalists will be encouraged to file stories using multimedia devices. Hindustan Times sells 1.4 million print copies a day, while it’s website (reportedly) gets 500,000 page views per day; in their Delhi office, there are 215 people, of which 45 work in the online space. Hence, it’ll be quite a task to get the print guys to take online seriously.