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Unbox, Xbox Seeing Starz

Starz Media has completed a set of deals to distribute its library of film, TV and Japanese anime content through Amazon Unbox and Xbox Live.

Under the agreement, Starz, which includes the brands Manga Entertainment and Film Roman, will offer up its anime content, including Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll, through both services, but Unbox will broaden its offerings with classic horror flicks such as The Evil Dead and TV shows like Tripping the Rift. Xbox, adhering to its demographic of young men, will stick with just the Japanese anime, rolling out films like Street Fighter II and Astro Boy.

The move augments Starz’s digital distribution strategy, which includes other partners BitTorrent, Guba, Netflix and others. Between this announcement, NBC going Unboxed and FOX firing a warning shot, one has to wonder when iTunes is going to fight back, or at least do something.

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