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T Boone Pickens, Still Going: I absolutely love stories about this Texas oil billionaire. Best quote: “I like to be associated with younger people. It keeps the motor running at a high rate of speed.” Close contender: “I’m afraid I’ll die,” when asked why he won’t retire — WSJ.

Chip Your Car for Better Fuel Efficiency: The CarChip E/X by Davis can beep when you break or accelerate too fast. You’ll end up driving like your grandma but also increase fuel efficiency — AutoblogGreen.

Country-based Biofuel Index: Ernst & Young came up with this spread sheet of the investment attractiveness of national biofuel markets. The US ranks #1 for both biodiesel and ethanol. — Alt Energy Stocks.

Solar Notion Raised $10M: Make all this solar investment craziness stop. Hedge fund Third Point put $10 million into Solar

Algae Biofuel Startup Raises $5M: San Francisco-based Solazyme raised $5 million in debt from BlueCrest Capital Finance — VentureBeat.


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