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T Boone Pickens, Still Going: I absolutely love stories about this Texas oil billionaire. Best quote: “I like to be associated with younger people. It keeps the motor running at a high rate of speed.” Close contender: “I’m afraid I’ll die,” when asked why he won’t retire — WSJ.

Chip Your Car for Better Fuel Efficiency: The CarChip E/X by Davis can beep when you break or accelerate too fast. You’ll end up driving like your grandma but also increase fuel efficiency — AutoblogGreen.

Country-based Biofuel Index: Ernst & Young came up with this spread sheet of the investment attractiveness of national biofuel markets. The US ranks #1 for both biodiesel and ethanol. — Alt Energy Stocks.

Solar Notion Raised $10M: Make all this solar investment craziness stop. Hedge fund Third Point put $10 million into Solar

Algae Biofuel Startup Raises $5M: San Francisco-based Solazyme raised $5 million in debt from BlueCrest Capital Finance — VentureBeat.

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Thomas Sullivan

Re: Solazyme etc. While we’re waiting for extraction techniques for liquid biofuels from algae to come of age, I think we should consider simply burning dried algae directly in power plants. This would doubtless provide the quickest route to large-scale, carbon neutral fuel use. Algae, after all, are not that hard to grow. For example, wastewater runoff from the Mississippi River alone creates an algae bloom about the size of New Jersey every year in the Gulf of Mexico.

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