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Palm Treo 750 hits Canada, first HSPA Treo for Canucks

PalmtreorogersGood news for Canada out of Palm: the Treo 750 is finally available for Rogers Wireless customers, making this the first Treo on the Rogers network with HSPA support. The Windows Mobile 6 Professional device offers up Palm’s effective QWERTY keyboard and 240 x 240 screen. It would have been a nice upgrade to have a 320 x 320 in my opinion, but I’m just the messenger. Speaking of messages, Direct Push e-mail support should work quite zippy on the handheld thanks to the tri-band UMTS / HSPA radio; you’ll get quad-band voice support in case you start crossing borders and oceans.

A quick trip to the Rogers Wireless Treo 750 page shows availability at $249.99 with a three-year contract. If you’re a commitment-phobe, the price ramps up to a whopping $649.99. For about $200 more, maybe the HTC Advantage might be worth a look?

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