Is A 3G iPhone Worth The Wait?


My temptation to plunk down the cash for an iPhone grows almost daily, especially after the recent price drop. But now rumors are surfacing that Apple will update the device to 3G network compatible chipsets (not to mention an addition of GPS) by very early 2008. Of course GPS is no small feature, but how much of a difference will the network really make?

What do you guys think? Is it worth the wait? Has anyone with an iPhone had an unbearable experience due to the AT&T’s EDGE network? Does anyone curse AT&T every time they make a call?


Brandon Eley

Oh, and by the time the 29th rolled around, she wanted one too — I plopped down $1300 after tax and accessories… and I’m still EXTREMELY happy.

Brandon Eley

When I was trying to justify (to my wife) the $600 price tag I looked at the data plans that were offered.Look at the rate plans and click the “existing customers” tab. Unlimited data with 200 text messages is only $20/month with any existing voice plan.

I was already a Palm Treo user with a $40 data plan AND a $4 text messaging plan. I’m SAVING $24/month by having an iPhone. If you look at that savings over the course of a 2-year contract I’m saving close to $300 just on the data plan.

Now that they are $400, it’s almost FREE to switch if you are a Blackberry or Treo user ;)

Matt Radel

Thanks for all the feedback guys! Now I just have to rustle up the 400 bones…


It … is … not worth the wait.
Trust me. The iPhone is great now.
And despite so many people crying over missing 3G, EDGE is about 300kbps … it’s fast enough for surfing. Really.

And also: it can be a year or more till there is a 3G iPhone … then it’s only short befor your contract runs out and by that time you can already buy the 3rd gen. iPhone … I guess ;)


O yea, another thing, I bought mine from the apple website, and I got a refurbished one so that was 350, then I used the promotional coupon which takes 30 dollars off items 300 or more. So the ttl before tax ended up being 319. I think a deal for the 8gb

Wil Beach

Just an observation concerning the iPhone/ATT experience. My iPhone crashed today and would not reboot. ATT reps were unable to address and said that I would have to go to Apple store for solution. Hour later at Apple store although the counter person was able to reboot, I was told that I would have to make an appointment to have the phone checked out! You might want to reconsider going to the iPhone until Apple/ATT decide to provide competitive support for the service…


I don’t think so. I mean, I think EDGE is fast enough (3G isn”t THAT much faster, although the difference is noticable). AT&T doesn’t have enough 3G coverage for it to be very good. In addition, why wait a year for an iPhone when you could be enjoying it for the whole year? I mean, sure I will be jealous when a new one comes out, but I won’t regret buying the 1st gen at all.


I read recently that the new iphone won’t come out until late next year. Due to battery problems trying to support 3G. Currently it can only last up to 5-6hrs and he wants something more. Also it doesn’t seem wise to release such a newer version in Q1 next year since its coming out to the UK in a month or so.


The real question is not when 3G will come to Iphone, rather, will Apple make a 3G phone before ATT has nationwide 3G capability. Will Apple make two phones, with the resulting support issues, from customers who expect silk from Sows ear.
Or will Apple keep it simple, untill ATT can give 3G everywhere, no iphone 3G.
Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the very very good.


OMG… some sane discussion on the iPhone and EDGE. Next you’ll tell me that there is peace in the middle east!

EDGE is fine, 3G isn’t going to give you that much “seat of the pants” difference, and as others mention it’s spotty. It’s a great price for OSX in your pocket, and the 3rd party apps coming out only increase the devices utility. Summerboard, ApolloIM, vt100 terminal and SSH being my faves. The sensors app turns your iPhone into a riotously impossible 3D level….

Brandon Eley

Don’t wait. 3G isn’t available in most areas (Cingular or not) just like EVDO isn’t available in many Verizon areas. I can’t get either in our city (which is VERY close to Atlanta and on an interstate).

Also, EDGE isn’t slow. If you’re browsing full-sized websites you might notice it but I visit Amazon, Digg, and other iPhone-friendly websites and it works great.

Also, like others have said you can just sell your phone and upgrade when a new one is released (that’s what I plan to do). I’ve had mine since day-1 and wouldn’t change a thing (even if they didn’t offer the credit — which was nice).

Also, the hacks ARE awesome! I have and I can install any app in seconds. There is so much avaialble from games to network and command line tools to really useful applications like to-do list, text editors, FTP and more.

Just get it already!

Charles O'Rourke

If I had only used EDGE I probably would be fine with it, but since I’m spoiled by my Sprint EVDO broadband (which, from what I understand, is faster than even 3G), I can’t imagine taking a step down. So I’ll hold out for at least 3G. (The fact that I still have four months on my current Sprint contract makes the decision even easier.)


“Is A 3G iPhone Worth The Wait?”


And it needs to be unlocked as well.

Next question?

Christian Kaas

I’m going to pick one up right now with a Turbo Sim!
Can’t wait until November 9th here in germany!
Also we get access to the 20.000 T-Mobile Access Points by November and T-Mobile punches up their EDGE network to 220k/s so why wait? That’s enough for surfin’ and mailin’!

On my MBP i’ve got a UMTS card anyway… ;-)


I bought mine about a week after they were released. It was my understanding that an updated iPhone with 3G would likely be released within a year or so of the original. I am not a huge we surfer when away from my computer so the EDGE slowness isn’t a huge deal. I do wish email over EDGE was faster.

I would not sell mine and go for a 3G version either.

I find plenty of WiFi networks from which to surf, when really necessary. So far my phone experience has been better than Verizon (higher quality voice).

It can be a bit frustrating at times (and sometimes I just plain give up) but, overall, it’s no big deal to me.

IMO, 3G alone is not a good reason to wait.


Even if the iPhone went 3G tomorrow, it’s not like AT&T’s network is suddenly going to develop the capacity to handle it.

About two thirds of the time I use the EDGE network it’s fine. Half of the remaining time it’s frustratingly slow, but useable, and the remainder it’s just brutal.

The difference, is, I think, the load on the network. And that’s not going to get any better when you shove a 3G chipset into the phone.


I’m in the same boat too, Matt. My 2-year contract with AT&T/Cingular just ended and I have no complaints about the service. However, I’ve had a Treo 650 for that duration, and because Palm aren’t moving with the times, it’s time to look for something better.

With the recent iPhone price drop, it’s now within my budget and I plan to get one before the month is over. Yeah, I guess I could wait for the next (3G) version, but I’m sure it will be $599+ and it may not materialize until mid-2008.

I’d rather buy now, enjoy it and possibly resell later when the 3G iPhone lands. As Steve Jobs has previously mentioned, technology is always moving forward and you will never buy any product if you’re waiting for the next big thing.

Last November, I plonked down $1,200 for a Core Duo 2 MacBook – my first ever Apple purchase. Six months later, the same $1,200 would have bought me a faster, more capable MacBook with much more storage. That’s progress, but I’m still loving my Mac.

Go ahead and buy an iPhone now. And enjoy!


The price drop is great news for those of us who are holding out. However, this only the 1st generation. Future versions are bound to be superior in many ways (full exchange support, GPS, 3G). Also, Apple isn’t the only party working out the kinks, the wacky billing for example. AT&T has burned me before and was never too thrilled with their customer service, so I’ll be waiting for a 2nd or even 3rd gen version that I can use with another carrier.

Bryan Bisel

I was one of the guys in line when the iPhone launched and I would have to say get it now. IMHO I think the iPhone was worth the $600 when I bought it (of course I am not going to turn down the $100 credit) and it certainly is worth it at $200 cheaper. Who knows when the 3g version will come out, it could be December of 2008 for all we know and jacked back up to $5-600 for the 3G chipset. The EDGE network while not fast by 3G standards certainly is sufficient for most needs. I traded in my Blackberry and have never looked back. Not to say there are zero issues but it is the best of all of the options.

Eric Ellenberg

Even if iPhone 2.0 with 3G doesn’t get here until next June, I’d wait. I got a RAZR V3xx from AT&T (a 3G phone) a little over a month ago, and I can say without hesitation that if you’re in a 3G zone, which is to say in a big city, it’s blazing fast. Google Maps would absolutely rock on 3G. Once Apple increases the memory and gets 3G in iPhone, I’m sold. If you’re worried about AT&T at all, I wouldn’t be. I’ve been very pleased with their service since 2001 (when they were cingular).


I am in the same position. The price drop may have been the last hurdle. But, if there really is a 3G phone in 1Q08, I may be able to wait.

Nick Santilli

Where in Denver? I’m in the Centennial area and my Blackjack drops calls ALL THE TIME. if the idea of one day getting an iPhone wasn’t there, I’d have dropped ATT *LONG* ago…

Tim Hettler

The EDGE network does fine with sites that are primarily text (NYTimes, Wikipedia, etc.) load at a reasonable speed. Since the iPhone doesn’t support flash and a hos tof other plug-ins, it limits the richness of sites you can visit anyway. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the speed.


I was hesitant, but took the plunge after the price drop as well. It is AWESOME! I have had no problems at all.


doode buy that dam phone already! Its only 399 you can sell it on the freakin ebay in 9 months whatever.. you have a apple blog you need it. ALso the hacks are so amazing.

John Jarrard

I was hesitant too, but then decided to take the plung after the $200 price drop. Dude, its totally worth it. The EDGE network doesn’t suck and when you’re near a wifi its uncanny. I live in Denver and travel to FL for work twice a month and have had zero network issues. The only thing you’ll want to do is download iFuntastic and change the text-message and email sounds to something you find online- the default ones can’t be heard.

I rate this phone a 9.5 out of 10.

Richard Hather

Well at least you are lucky to have a choice to buying now or later. But if I were you, i’d buy it now! For us canucks we have no choice but to wait to see if its even coming here! But with the hint of 3G coming to the iPhone it brings my mobile carrier one step closer to bringing it to Vancouver.

Does anyone know if the EVDO service would work on the iPhone?

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