Britney, Euro iPhone, WiMAX in Japan, & AOL Dial-down

[qi:009] Britney Spears might have bombed at the MTV Video Awards, but she has proved to be da bomb for Viacom (VIAB), making visitors out of water cooler gossipers.

[qi:83] Will French, Brits and Germans fall for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone? T-Mobile (Germany)and O2 (UK) think so, and Orange is hoping they will. And you want to know where they will launch next? Just look for places where EDGE networks are thriving.

[qi:025] Time Warner (TWX) is looking to sell AOL dial-up business and become a ad-supported company. Finally!

[qi:064] KDDI of Japan is starting a new company – Wireless Broadband Planning K.K. (WBPK) to bid on one of two WiMAX licenses in the 2.5Ghz band to be awarded by the Japanese regulator, the MIC, by end 2007. Intel Capital is an equity partner of KDDI. MIC doesn’t allow 3G license-holders to bid for a license. This is a workaround. Softbank and eAccess; NTT DoCoMo and ACCA Networks are other two teams in the race.

[qi:_newteevee] Despite the rise of legal P2P, it seems the TV networks are still wary of the technology. We looked for the shows and didn’t find much.