Apple issues song credits as apology for iTunes Store problems


iTunes Last week many people had issues with not being able to download their songs from the iTunes Store despite the fact that their credit cards had been charged (I was included in that bunch).

Today I received an email from iTunes Support with (among other things) the following note:

Please accept the following Five Song Credits as an apology for the delay in receiving your purchase. These credits are good for five songs of your choice from the iTunes Store.

I would assume I’m not the only person who will receive this but I also doubt Apple will do anything in regards to explaining what might have happened to cause the huge delays people experienced.

If you experienced download delays, have you received this credit from Apple?


Yasmin Ullah

how do you actuall use the credit? meaing instead of paying for the song?


I haven’t rec’d any credits but my last download finally went through. But here’s another question…are any of you experiencing problems with movies? Half of the movies aren’t available to download in the US all of a sudden! What happened?


I first noticed this when iTunes made the switch to drm-free content. This probably had something to do with it. A lot of the songs are missing too, although they seem to be slowly adding some things back.


I faced the same problem but sadly I’ve not received my credits. Could it be that I’m not using a credit card?


I got the credits too, but the downloads still aren’t working. ARGH!


I didn’t receive any 5 store credits either…when I attempted to purchase an album when this issue happened.

Gene Butler

I have not gotten my credit email either. However, like Joel in the #2 post, I got sucked into buying a game for the new nano that won’t play due to being non-compatible. I filed a problem report, and they did send me an email stating they would reverse the charge (this one time), so I’d suggest Joel you bring it to their attention and ask for a refund.


I haven’t received anything yet, despite repeatedly emailing them about my delays. Maybe it’s just a US iTS thing?


Yes, I got this credit last Tuesday soon after my download finally was able to go through.

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