And you thought the US iPhone was expensive…

iPhone - Germany

Well anyone who complained about the iPhone being expensive here in the US can officially shut it (myself included).

An ad for the 8GB iPhone in Germany (pictured above) has the phone costing a whopping 899 Euros. Do some quick currency conversions and you find that 899 Euros is over $1,200 USD! Holy smokes! That puts it right around 3 times the cost of the US iPhone.

Let’s be honest, that price is just ridiculous. I don’t care how much money you have or how bad you want an iPhone, it is in no way worth $1,200.

UPDATE: Well looks like I stand corrected. It would seem that the ad above is either a hoax or a typo (or both). The official price in Germany is 399 Euros.

Thanks Jonathan Marcialis for the tip (and article scan)


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