Broadband Content Bits: Shiny Vids Ads, Radiohead Downloads, WeDigTV

Shiny Ads: So that’s what the .tv domains were for? UK blog publishing house Shiny Media is to begin a range of web video channels with pre-roll video advertising. Shiny’s blogs have long used YouTube for embedded web video, notably for girl gadget blog Shiny Shiny’s product reviews. But now,, and will use the pre-roll ad features of Roo’s player for channels offering news, reviews, interviews and so on, NMA reports . Each of Shiny’s 40 blogs will get the player later and ad inventory will be sold by ad agency Unanimis.

Radiohead: Nevermind The Beatles, one of the other great hold-outs to legal digital downloading, Radiohead, has relaxed its opposition and is now offering albums for sale online. The band’s former label EMI is offering tracks from its high-quality, DRM-less MP3 roster, but not via the iTunes Plus store it helped Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) pioneer – it’s an exclusive deal with Hackney-based web retailer 7digital, PC Advisor reports. And the arrangement respects the band’s wishes that individual tracks cannot be cherrypicked to be downloaded from albums – only complete albums (£6.99) and previously released singles (£1.79) can be bought from 7digital’s store, as well as album tracks that have previously appeared on other compilations.

WeDigTV: Noel Edmonds-hosted Channel 4 quiz show Deal Or No Deal is to get an interactive treatment on the web. Producer Endemol signed a deal with WeDigTV, a site offering interactive versions of classic quiz shows including Countdown, Catch Phrase, Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI)s and Family Fortunes. Endemol will shoot special footage for WeDigTV, where viewers will be able to participate in the quiz. (Via