XtremeHomes: Green Building Startup Growing Up and Out


xtremehomes.jpgLooking for more green home investments? While we were checking out Michelle Kaufmann’s prefab eco pad this weekend, we got a chance to chat with the CEO and founder of the building company behind the mkLotus, XtremeHome’s Tim Schmidt. Based in Oroville, Calif., Schmidt’s XtremeHomes produces environmentally-focused prefab homes in a 200,000-square-foot factory in response to what he says is a booming demand.

We’re not too down with the hardcore name (prefab meets a Mountain Dew commercial?), but the company’s customers don’t seem to mind. Schmidt tells us that his business is growing so fast that he’ll likely go to 400 employees from 50 in the next two years. So far he’s been personally financing the business, but to staff up he’s also looking to raise some financing – probably private equity, he says — to the tune of around $4 million dollars. If you’re interested, meet up with XtremeHomes at the West Coast Green show, which starts this week in San Francisco.


Tom Prete

You’re right about the XtremeHomes name. I even this post was about monster houses when I first saw the headline. But as you noted, there probably is a sufficiently substantial market for the product to overcome the name issue. I wonder whether that market will hold up as green practices influence mainstream homebuilding to the point where they become the standard.

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