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Efficient Toner: Xerox will open a $60 million energy efficient manufacturing plant to produce a toner that takes about 25 percent less energy per pound compared to conventional toner — GreenBiz.

Red, White and Biofuels: The US is the “fastest expanding market in the world” for biofuels, according to Ernst & Young’s quarterly “Biofuels Country Attractiveness Indices”– Biofuel Review.

Oilman an “Unlikely Paul Revere”: Lee Raymond, former CEO of ExxonMobil (XOM), warns of coming energy shortages by 2030 — Business Week.

Cash for SunPower: San Jose-based solar cell maker SunPower will receive up to $24.7 million from the DOE to improve the design of its solar systems — release.

Memory Power Drain: Andy Patrizio points out that while microprocessors get all of the attention with it comes to power efficiency, memory sticks suck up quite a bit of energy. He writes “in this new era of 64-bit computing, they are becoming the hidden electric bill” —

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