Intel Developing Green Tracking Gadget


AMD (AMD) and Intel (INTC) might haggle over the power efficiencies of their chips, but we didn’t expect to hear about Intel developing anything close to a green consumer gadget. Huh. ZDNet writes about a presentation by Intel research VP Andrew Chien on an internal project for a device called UbiGreen that will be able to track the user’s actions that consume energy and affect climate change.

The details of Intel’s green gadget are seriously fuzzy, but the article says UbiGreen will likely use sensors and RFID to track a user’s activities, and the data could be displayed on a mobile device. The idea is to give the user more information about how to make their lives more eco-friendly. There’s no immediate plans for a commercial release. We contacted Intel for more info and will update the post when we learn more.

Giving consumers more tools to cut down on energy consumption is a popular idea, and there’s been a lot of web-based carbon calculators and other web sites launched in the past several months. We haven’t seen as many mobile offerings out there yet, but why not? We’re betting this is just one of the many we’ll be seeing before the end of the year.

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