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Feedback: Your iPhone Picks?

As with any new Apple product, the accessory market has exploded for the iPhone. With the new product and accessories come scores of websites, fan forums, and reviews of everything under the sun that may be related. But the resulting problem often times becomes a glut of information; And who do you really listen to at that point?

So this post is aimed at all those iPhone carrying members of the Apple elite. For those already sporting the iPhone, tell us your favorite accessories. Hearing opinions from real people (rather than faceless blogs/forums/etc) tends to carry more weight with many consumers, so share you iPhone accessory experiences – good, bad, and ugly!

For those either in the market for an iPhone, or newly cool (that would be, just bought an iPhone – no, I don’t fit either category…) hopefully following the comments of this thread will bring you some good options to protect your latest geek-toy.

5 Responses to “Feedback: Your iPhone Picks?”

  1. I have the Invisible Shield from I’m still thinking about getting the Incase cover.

    So far the Invisible Shield (full body film) is rock solid for scratch-protection… but I think if I had to do it over again, I’d have bought only the front (they sell front, back, and both together for the iPhone).

    Being cut from a flat sheet, there are obvious hurdles to applying the film to a rounded surface. The back piece is cut with tabs, to wrap the corners. It worked about as well as I’d imagine any film could, without heat shrinking (obviously not an option). In the end, the sides and corners don’t look as neat as I’d like… but since I’m going to likely get the Incase, it’s just a slight waste of money.

    The front however is a different story. I can’t recommend enough this film. Great protection, works great with the touch screen, covers the entire front, with a small cut piece to protect the home button… worth buying, even if you’re using another case. None of the application problems present with the front piece… as the whole screen area covered is perfectly flat, and the home key is nearly flat. I’d only warn you that if you’re squeamish about putting liquid on your phone, then stick to static-cling films. You’ll get your iPhone wet with their application liquid, and will need to leave it depowered overnight.

  2. I have the black rubber incase cover as well as a case-mate leather cover. Both are quite nice. I tend to use the leather cover more as it slips more easily into and out of my pocket, as John notes above.
    The belt clip on the case-mate is removable , which is good because I rarely use belt clips.

    IMO, many of the cases offer trade offs.

    For example, the belt clip that comes with the case-mate is a bit unwieldy. There is also a very nice case from Griffin (Elan) but the belt clip is not removable.
    The case-mate also comes with a nice clear screen protector, the leather cover is thin and looks quite nice (some cases do not include a screen protector).

    I have never used a BT headset I thought was worth the cost. Most have poor voice quality and have no where near the advertised max 30′ range.

    I cannot use my $100 Bose earbuds with the iPhone due to the recessed audio input but the more expensive Apple iPod earbuds (more rounded, smaller buds) are acceptable, as are the included earbuds.

    Brandon brings up a good point, that of aesthetics.

    The iPhone is a gorgeous piece of engineering.

    I’d prefer not to cover it up at all. I may try one of the film-type protectors for a time, though they do not offer even minimal drop protection.
    I have one on my 4G iPod and, so far, there have been no issues.

  3. I have tried 4 cases for my iPhone… the InCase Cover, Griffin Elan holster, RadTech Gel Case, and the Griffin Elan Snap-In.

    I am still on the fence about which I like better. I like having rubber around my precious iPhone, but then you can’t see it in all its glory. My “favorite” case as far as ease and looks is definitely the Griffin Elan Snap-In, which is a breeze to get the iPhone out of (when you get a call or just to play) and looks sleek.

    The only problem is that it exposes much of your iPhone to dings and scratches. I had mine face-in for a while and the back of my iPhone has quite a few scuffs from normal day to day bumps.

  4. I am a huge fan of the iClear for iPhone. It still gives the iPhone a nice, solid feel, and lets you see it in all of its beauty.

    Also like how it comes with a screen protector (although who really knows how well that works), and a cleaning cloth (don’t use it, but a nice thing to include).

    Only complaints: a little difficult to remove (but still possible), and it seems to look dirty rather quickly (although I am a little OCD like that).

  5. I really like the Incase Cover for the iPhone. It’s a great rubber case that’s thin and stylish. The case covers the back of the iPhone, but has openings in all the right places (Camera, headphonejack, silence switch, dock connector, and speakerphone). On the front, the case covers right up to the edge of the chrome and leaves the screen, home button, and speaker free and clear. I especially like the topographic pattern and the redish-orange color they offer.

    My few complaints would be the $30 price tag for a case with no attachments, and, because it’s rubber, it doesn’t slide it in and out of my jean’s pockets very easily (I’m not a fan of belt clips).