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Diddy Takes Racy Ad Direct to the Web

Rap mogul Sean Combs (formerly P. Diddy) is taking the new ad for his “Unforgivable Woman” perfume straight to the Web, after MTV reportedly said it was too raunchy to air on TV.

The “movietisement,” catches Combs and model Jessica Gomez in all kinds of compromising, uhh, positions. Supposedly, the network execs wanted to edit out some of the more racy footage from the 30- and 60-second spots. Combs refused, and put a longer version of the commercial up on his MySpace page.


This could all be a ploy to draw more attention to the ad (ed note: I am a sucker). But regardless, it’s another example of artists being able to skip the traditional networks and take their messages (no matter how naughty) direct to audiences. Expect a press release in the next few days touting how many people watched the clip (kinda like when he said he got around 10,000 applicants from his YouTube search for a personal assistant. Sure you did, Puffy).