What’s ailing my Firefox?

Firefox_logoI love Firefox but the past week it’s been killing me.  It’s a strange situation and searching on the web hasn’t turned up anything pertinent so I’m going to see if anybody else is experiencing this.  Firefox runs fine but sometimes in the middle of doing something the status bar will say Stopped and once that happens all I can do is close the program.  The page displayed when this happens looks fine and all links are clickable like they’re supposed to be but when I click them nothing happens.  It opens a new tab like it’s supposed to but it just sits there saying "Loading" on the tab.  The status bar says Stopped and again, nothing will happen until I close the program.  I can reopen it and it will work fine for a while but this situation is happening more frequently as time goes on.  It never happened at all until this past week and I"m wondering if an update was made that introduced this problem.  Anybody seeing this happen with Firefox?


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