iPod Touch Designed to Push iPhones?

ipodtouch Earlier this month, Apple delivered on what fans had long been asking for – a widescreen iPod video with the touch screen capabilities of the iPhone, but without the hassle of going though AT&T to gain phone service. It even debuted with a WiFi-enabled iTunes Music Store.

The new iPod Touch looks like an iPhone and has similar capabilities of an iPhone, including Safari Web browsing, YouTube, iCal and other features. But if you look at the iPod Touch, you’ll see half the screen devoid of icons – while the iPhone is full. As iProng’s Bill Palmer points out, there are a host of features you’ll miss out on from the iPhone if you buy the iPod Touch. And as I look at the iPod Touch, I can just see myself longing for the convergence of one device, instead of having the iPod Touch in one pocket, and the Blackberry in the other. This feeling is reinforced by Apple’s leaving half the screen empty of icons – a subtle reminder every time you fire up the iPod Touch that you made a compromise.

Its introduction coinciding with the controversial $200 price drop on the iPhone, the 16 GB iPod Touch is the exact same $399 price tag as the 8 GB iPhone. If it wasn’t for the hassle and issues with AT&T, the additional features of an iPhone would make purchasing that product a no-brainer over the iPod Touch. As amazing as the iPod Touch is, you can imagine the number of times you would be asked, “Oh is that one of those iPhones?”, only to answer no, and set yourself up for a long explanation. I find myself getting this close to ordering an iPod Touch, only to stop, because at that point, I might as well get an iPhone. And just maybe, that’s what Apple wants me to do.


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