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iPhone Drives Google Maps Usage, YouTube Lags

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iPhone just might be the best thing that has ever happened to Google Maps -– it has made them popular like never before and has driven the usage substantially. This information comes courtesy of Marissa Mayer, Google’s (GOOG) vice president of search products & user experience.

She was a fellow judge at the TechCrunch 40 conference in San Francisco and came on The GigaOM Show as a guest for one of our future episodes.

She said that Google Maps usage shot up sharply after the release of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone back in July. “Maps usage hasn’t stopped rising,” she said during our conversation. Steve Jobs had bragged about Google Maps for iPhone as the best map application, and the usage patterns bear that out.

How about YouTube, which is getting heavy promotion on television as part of Apple’s ad campaign? Meyer said YouTube on iPhone has not caused any major upsurge in video viewing. No surprise there. I’ve watched YouTube on my iPhone maybe once or twice. Most of the time when you want to watch videos you are stuck with a pokey EDGE connection –- and who needs that?

The lesson for other video aspirants: Make sure your applications run on 3G networks, otherwise people won’t care two bits.

26 Responses to “iPhone Drives Google Maps Usage, YouTube Lags”

  1. There’s not likely to be a move in YouTube numbers because mobile views are swamped by desktop views. Mobile maps is an application only for mobile, where a new device like the iPhone can have a significant effect. No mobile device could make even a dent in the enormous number of videos already watched on YouTube daily.

  2. The hold back for me on YouTube is that I hate the search. You can’t tell what date shows are published with out looking at the details page and there is no way to sort the results.

    There is also no way to subscribe, or sync your desktop user profile with the phone app.

    I’d rather grab video podcaste and watch those.

  3. “More than the current usage of Google Maps can be achieved if Apple releases a GPS driven integration with Google map”

    I’m a runner; I’d love to integrate an iPhone with the Gmap pedometer (which calculates distance for a route you specify).

  4. Google Maps works on my Cingular 8125. The only downside is it’s slow on the Edge network and when traveling you’re more likely to want to use it when you’re lost in a place with no data service. So on a WM phone with GPS it would be great, but on the technologically handicapped iphone it would be useless half the time.

  5. Om,
    More than the current usage of Google Maps can be achieved if Apple releases a GPS driven integration with Google maps (via Bluetooth). Windows live already does this on WM device, and totally removes dependency on another GPS device.


  6. I don’t have an iPhone but I love gmaps on my TMO 8700g blackberry. it is the ultimate road trip device and great if you drive around for work a lot and need a map for the next stop. Ohh, plus traffic updates is awesome for beating the LA traffic.