Meet The Fundinistas


[qi:078] DowJones Venture One is all set to release their half-year report on total amount of money raised by Web 2.0 companies, which would make for rather amusing reading. Just to get a little jump start on this week of start-ups, we decided to have some fun & come up with a short list of start-ups we call fundinistas the ones who raise venture capital relentlessly.

fundinista | |
noun informal
– a start-up with a venture capital habit.
ORIGIN: from funding + Spanish suffix –ista, as in fashionista, turista.

Here is our initial short list — * Telisma, Bellevue, 8 rounds since 2000; $93 million
* Informative, South San Francisco; 7 rounds since 1999; $63 million
* Zillow, Seattle; 3 rounds since 2005; $57 million
* KnowHow, Sunnyvale; 5 rounds since 2001; $46 million
* Brightcove, Cambridge; 3 rounds since 2005; $80 million +
* VideoEgg, San Francisco, 3.5 rounds since 2005; $27 million +

You got a candidate for this list? Let us know!



Yes, can someone please comment? Is this a bad thing if companies get too much money/too many rounds? How much is too much? $30MM? $50MM? Thinking about joining a start-up that has over $30MM in funding – can’t figure out if this is good or bad . . . All thoughts appreciated!


So these are companies who don’t have a business model? So then will they get shut down by those same VCs after a while?


Do you mean KnowNow? I think that they had constant problems with people mistaking their name for “KnowHow”…


Hey Om, FYI “ista” derives from Sandinista. This term comes from what the Sandinistas termed the anti-imperialist struggle of Augusto César Sandino during the thirties…..

Om Malik

Video Egg got an investment from WPP but it is not clear if it was a round or just an extension of a previous round. hence 3.5. will update after I get a clear picture

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