DailyCandy.com Expands Focus On Kids; Launching Five Local Kids’ Editions

DailyCandy.com may have found one way to stimulate growth — launch new editions. Five years after it started a national edition focused on kids, the publisher is expanding the concept to five markets — and increasing its overall number of editions to 21. The localized weekly DailyCandy Kids launch Monday in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston with info on events, products, and services aimed at the young-moms-with-money set. DailyCandy Kids Everywhere will still go out on Thursdays. DailyCandy.com claims more than 2.5 million subs overall and that it continues “to attract young, new subscribers for all our editions at an impressive pace.”

Just last month, DailyCandy.com was citing 2.4 million subs while founder Dany Levy explained to the NY Daily News that she’s looking for the next generation, This move looks like a way to keep hold of the group that otherwise might be aging out.

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