Update: The Mash is Back for Yahoo Debate


Looks like Yahoo (YHOO) is putting the “mashup” back in its Presidential Mashup Debate. Users can now head over to Jumpcut’s debate group to cut, paste, slice and dice clips of the Democratic candidates answering questions about Iraq, health care and education (or the “wild card” questions from comedian Bill Maher).

Earlier reports indicated Yahoo was eliminating the option for users to remix the candidates’ answers. Whether the decision to re-institute this functionality was part of the plan all along, or Yahoo succumbed to pressure from Wired, Jeff Jarvis, and us — we’ll never know. (We’ve contacted Yahoo and asked them to clarify.)

What we do know is that citizen remixers can be pretty funny. Like this hilarious interview with Chris Dodd featuring “Conservative Closed Captioning”:


Chris Albrecht

Hi SR:

We are all citizens of the world. Bleck. Sorry I just wrote that.

Sure, it’s a powerhouse right out of the gate, but come on! The site just went up this morning. Hopefully the masses will start churning stuff out en masse. Maybe even Barry Diller.


Very funny video but…the Huffington Post and Barry Diller’s IAC are “citizen remixers?”

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