Machines at War- RTS game for Windows Mobile

You can’t stare at the beautiful 5-inch screen of the HTC Advantage for very long without craving some gaming action and I have been looking for a good real time strategy (RTS) game for a while.  A couple of days ago I ran across a game from Isotope244 that looked like it might be a good one and fortunately they have demo versions available so I grabbed the demo for the Mac and tried it first.  Machines at War is pretty typical for the genre, gather resources, build stuff, go fight the enemy with the units you’ve built.  There is technology research too to keep one step ahead of the big bad enemy.  The game is available for the Mac, Windows, and Windows Mobile.


I had a lot of fun playing the demo on the Mac so I bought the Windows Mobile version for the Advantage and hoped it would translate well to the smaller screen.  I didn’t risk much as MAW is only $19.95 for Windows Mobile.  I am happy to say the game plays just as well on the Advantage as it did on the Mac.  It is the full game too and not a stripped down version for the PDA.  The game can be played in either portrait or landscape orientation and the cool thing about playing it on the Advantage is you can use the keyboard during game play.  This is significant because there are a bunch of key shortcuts to aid in playing the game and they work great.  The only weird part is that the arrow keys which are used to scoot around the big playing field stay in portrait orientation even if you play it in landscape.  It’s a little annoying but not a killer once you get used to it.  You can also use the stylus on the Advantage so game control is pretty easy.

The graphics are stellar and the action can get fast and furious as the playing field is quite large.  It doesn’t take too long to build up a large army so it can be a bit overwhelming at times with a lot of scooting around the nicely rendered terrain.  All in all it’s a fun game to play on the Advantage so if you have one you might want to try it out.