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HP 2710p watch- shipping update #2

OK, after clicking on a bunch of links in the email and on the HP web site a clearer picture is emerging (I think).  It appears that the only thing shipping now is the extra travel A/C adapter.  Hence the 4 pounds of which I’m hoping 3.75 pounds is packing material.


It now looks like the shipping dates for the dock and extra battery have slipped to the middle of next month and the 2710p to 28Sep.

6 Responses to “HP 2710p watch- shipping update #2”

  1. AlexDaryan

    James, the other side benefit of this hack is that when the tablet comes out of sleep mode it does not go through the display gyrations of: portrait to landscape back to portrait. It blinks once and then stays in portrait.

    I also noticed that if you have the dock, the extended monitor setting works a lot better in the sense that it remembers your location setting. It used to be that everytime I docked I had to run a profile to tell it that I have my external monitor on my left, not my right (and watch all the gyrations of the screen). Now it remembers that its on my left.

    So it may be worthwhile to reconsider Josh’s hack, James.

  2. Line item details still shows that it was the AC adapter that shipped. I know that Josh ordered his 2710p a while back so his was due to get here.

    I know that you can install the Intel graphics drivers on any Tablet and enable 4 direction rotation but in the few weeks I’ve used the 2710p I haven’t once wanted to rotate the screen in other than the 2 HP supported directions. I won’t be hacking mine like Josh did.