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Ad Industry Roundup: Facebook; Ad-Blocking; Yahoo; blinkx; comScore;

Facebook Flyer Ads Shift To CPC Ad Model: Facebook Flyers, the social net’s self-service targeted ad solution, has not scored very high in terms of the marketing industry’s typical measurements. In response, Facebook has created a cost-per-click offshoot called Flyers Pro, which will let marketers set the value of each click. The new auction-based system also will let marketers choose a swath of targets, such as age and sex, or students at a particular college. The information in user profiles, including political party membership and relationship status, can also be surveyed by Flyers Pro. Part of the impetus for the ad system upgrade was to maintain its appeal among its typical small business and user-to-user advertisers, as well as broaden the base of marketers it attracts.

Online Ad Blockers Could Face A Legal Fight: Speculative but interesting …while tools that block web ads have been around for several years, speculation is heating up that a legal challenge to their use could be in the offing. Arguments could center on issues of copyright infringement (e.g., altering a publisher’s web page without permission) and on violation of a website’s service terms (e.g., in return for usage, MySpace members are not allowed to hinder banner ads on the site). So far, ad blockers don’t appear to have caused advertisers much pain. But if the slowdown in online advertising becomes a downturn, marketers might pursue relief in the courts. Although professing reluctance to seek a judicial solution, the Internet Advertising Bureau tells CNET it is examining “all the options.”

Yahoo’s Q3 Outlook Shows Paid Search Up, Banner Ads Down: Looking at how Yahoo’s (NSDQ: YHOO) ad products are faring so far, paid search advertising is currently tracking about 6 percent over Q2. Those numbers are