Brightcove Ends Development Of Video Portal To Focus On Publishing Services

After a year of working on it, online video distributor Brightcove is giving up on developing its video portal – and the ad dollars that it hoped would go with it – to concentrate on building up its other online video technology services, Adweek reported. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company will not take down the video portal (“It’s something that runs itself,” Adam Berry, VP of marketing and strategy, told Adweek), but has been moved to and has moved to being a corporate site. But sensing it was more lucrative to better position to go after deals with web publishers and marketers that need online video services, such as current clients (NYSE: NYT), Dow Jones (NYSE: DJ), CBS (NYSE: CBS) and Fox (NYSE: NWS). Brightcove recently developed a tool that lets a website’s visitors create their own mashups, which is promoted as a way to gain more traffic. Reflecting the tilt towards corporate clients, a Brightcove blog posting pointed out this move: “We made the domain shift so we could separate the consumer video guide from our publishing partner marketing and communication.”