Vanity Fair (Re) Discovers Tech

[qi:006] You know things are getting downright frothy when Vanity Fair rediscovers technology and starts giving way too much attention to technology titans by including them in its annual New Establishment list. The bible of frivolous has out done itself this time; it has also included a new micro-list, The Next Establishment. Perhaps it couldn’t fit in more tech types in the big list.

The New Establishment’s top three are: Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs and the The Google Boys, in that order. Bill and Melinda come at #10, which makes you wonder: How many billions does a guy have to make and how much does he has to give away before he can top the list? The King of Latin Telecom and Fortune Magazine’s richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, (worth about $59 billion) ranks a cool #11.

Other tech notables: Larry Ellison (20), Jeff Bezos (23) Peter Chernin (24), Michael Moritz (56) and Vinod Khosla (62). As an aside, the New Establishment non-Caucasian representation: less than 5 percent.

The Next Establishment, however, is chock full of techies. Chris & Tom (MySpace), Janus Friis and Noklas Zennstrom (Skype), Brad Greenspan (ex-MySpace), Joi Ito, Markos Moulitas, Elon Musck (Paypal, Tesla), Evan Williams (Blogger), Danny Rimer (Index Ventures) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook.)

Vanity Fair’s list is an apt reflection on what is in vogue. Curmudgeons call it a market top, but I happen to be in good spirits these days.

PS: If there is a kind soul out there who has access to previous issues of Vanity Fair’s New Establishment, maybe they can give us a statistical breakdown of technology’s representation over the past seven years.