NextGen Biofuels Get A Boost In Canada


Canadian biomass-based biofuels have been given a boost with a C$500 million ($484.4 million) fund launched yesterday by the country’s federal government. The fund, which will be managed by Sustainable Development Technology Canada, is designed to jump-start the development and production of “next generation” biofuels in Canada.

The NextGen Biofuels Fund will support up to 40 percent of eligible costs of large-scale demonstration facilities for biofuel production. The funding contribution will be repayable based on “free cash flow over 10 years after the project is completed,” according to the STDC release

Have a project that you want to submit? To be eligible, you must:

  • be the first-of-kind facility that primarily produces a next-generation renewable fuel at large demonstration-scale
  • be located in Canada
  • use feedstocks that are or could be representative of Canadian biomass
  • have already demonstrated your technology at the “pre-commercial pilot scale”.

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