Howcast, Latest ex-Google Video Startup

Howcast appears to be another young startup coming from ex-Googlers. The company, with offices in New York and San Francisco, says it is both producing content and building a social portal, and various hints gleaned from its online job ads point to a focus on instructional video.

Says one job ad,

The founding team is comprised of several media and technology executives, including veterans of Google and YouTube. We have built professional studios in downtown Manhattan and producing content each day. Our bright San Francisco based engineering team, many of whom are Stanford and MIT alums are building our core product, an online social video site that will feature our content.

Howcast CEO Jason Liebman left Google (GOOG) in May, according to his LinkedIn profile. And according to a conference bio from February of this year:

Jason has worked on the Google AdSense and Google Video teams for the past four years. He is currently responsible for creating content partnerships for YouTube. Prior to joining Google, Jason was Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Applied Semantics, which Google acquired in 2003.

From 1997 – 1999, Jason worked at Credit Suisse First Boston in the Leverage Finance Group. Jason holds his Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University ’97.

In one job ad Howcast says it has chosen a “highly-specialized vertical”; in another it solicits video creators to make “instructional content for our new site that is both informative and entertaining.” Taken with the company name, we’d hypothesize that Howcast is making a play for the video how-to space, where a bevy of players, such as Videojug, 5min, ExpertVillage, and Sutree, are also making their way.

The collapse of Google Video (after the search company dumped it for YouTube) left a few former employees out there who have something to prove in the video space. We’ve made note of Ooyala, a startup from ex-Googlers that offers video content management and clickable video interfaces.