Come One, Come All, to the Pork Energy Town Hall Meeting


Yes, you read that right. Pork energy — a.k.a. pig-produced waste energy — will be the subject of a town hall meeting next week in Goldsboro, N.C. If the latest legislation on animal waste management systems passed by the State’s senate becomes law, it’ll encourage pork producers to turn their animal waste into energy, according to Farmergy.

In Virgina, poultry poop is a serious ecological problem. Virginia Tech professor Foster Agblevor is trying to solve that problem. He’s developing a “mobile poop reactor” to turn poultry waste into a residual biofuel.

Over on the West Coast, meanwhile, NW Natural announced last week that it is launching a carbon-offset program for its Oregon customers that will “harness the power of manure.” Oregon cows produce about 14.4 million pounds of poop a day, according to The Dairy Farmers of Oregon. For an extra $6 a month, customers can support a five-year pilot program to trap methane gas from cow manure and turn it into electricity.

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