Updated: Verizon Drops Marley Ringtones, Then Reinstates Again

Updated: Seems like the decision has been reversed: Reuters reports again that a Verizon Wireless spokeswoman said it will now be putting all Bob Marley material back up for its customers on Friday, after allowing the Marley family and UMG to “work out their differences.” As a result the lawsuit will continue.

Original post from earlier today: Verizon Wireless has decided to drop all Bob Marley ringtones, ringbacks and pictures after being threatened with a lawsuit from the estate, reports Reuters. Verizon had done a deal with Universal Music Group, but the estate of Bob Marley said that using the singers image to Verizon’s marketing benefit amounted to an endorsement. UMG will now make Bob Marley’s music available as mastertones to all phone carriers (the Verizon deal was an exclusive).