Sprint Launches Mobile Shopper Service


Sprint Nextel has launched a Mobile Shopper service — a mobile web portal to let people buy or compare prices of around 7 million products from 30 online retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target, bluefly.com and shoes.com. There’s no mention of mobile payments so I suppose the usual methods (eg, credit card) apply. Sprint isn’t charging for the service, reports Reuters, just for the data used to access it. Maybe Sprint is beginning to realise that the best way to get people to use mobile services is not to charge them for absolutely everything… the site was launched in partnership with mShopper.com. A couple of months ago Sprint launched a $2 a month service which lets people located goods, save them to a list and share that list with their friends.

The Wall Street Journal has a long piece on mobile shopping, prompted by Sprint but also covering other services such as Digby, and AT&Ts recent trial with Mastercard SmartPass.

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