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SeventyMM Plans To Offer Movie Downloads

Rumors of an acquisition by Reliance ADA Group haven’t subsided yet (some discussion on the topic here), and Bangalore based online movie rental co SeventyMM has announced that they’re considering a valuation enhancing move: the introduction of movie downloads. The company intends to also expand to four other cities and is targeting break-even in 12-18 months. More here, at Business Standard.

The story doesn’t mention whether they’re planning to target India or international markets with movie downloads. One interesting aspect is that a lot of the content is likely to be be common among existing players because not many deals are exclusive (are exclusive deals worth the cost anyway?). Currently, Rajshri Media, Reliance ADA Group owned BigFlicks and Indyaondemand offer legal movie downloads. There are “other” alternatives, of course.

Update: the Hindu adds that they’re planning to offer free streaming online (more expensive than downloads), and also gaming and edutainment services. They forgot something.

4 Responses to “SeventyMM Plans To Offer Movie Downloads”

  1. Seventymm – HORRIBLE SERVICE!

    Recently subscribed and all the positivity vanishes the moment your cheque is collected.

    Ask for a suggestion and they will give an uneducated one! Order a DVD and wait until the delivery boy arrives, or you can call the next morning to check and the reply is its been dispatched.

    I waited half a day and then called again to check. Now the reply is "SORRY, SYSTEM FAILURE, DVD WAS NOT DISPATCHED"

    Guess these guys can do with some serious investment in SYSTEMS & CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE if they want to be a leading online rental service.