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T-Mobile cuts EDGE & WiFi Hotspot plan price


I had read several sources indicating that T-Mobile was revamping their data plans and in some cases, cutting prices. All in all that’s good news, but I was disappointed since we still haven’t heard any details of T-Mobile’s high-speed 3G network rollout. In any case, one tidbit of the new plans is worth sharing, 3G or not.

Ron P. wrote in to highlight that the T-Mobile Total Internet Add-On plan appears to be $19.99 a month. Presumably, the $20 plan includes unlimited EDGE access as well as WiFi access at the thousands of T-Mobile hotspots. If I’m not mistaken, this plan also includes 300 domestic text messages, but check me on that before adding it to your account. You’ll need a qualifying voice plan of course and at this price, it actually trumps AT&T’s data plan for the iPhone. For the same $20, you’re getting WiFi access with T-Mo and not just for iTunes purchases at Starbucks. Thanks Ron!

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  1. Yolanda Villa

    I posted about this $10.00 price drop yesterday, in James’ thread about the Frog portal. At that point, I was hoping what I had read that it was planned was true, and was waiting to check T-Mobile today to see if the price change in fact took place. Well, it did and I signed up for it. Now my Advantage will be getting full use!