iTunes Store downloads unresponsive for almost 48 hours

iTunesĀ 7.4

For many users (myself included), downloading purchased songs from the iTunes store has been next to impossible.

This seems to be a widespread issue as well. Covering multiple countries such as the U.S., Germany, Canada, Sweden, and others, there are people who haven’t been able to download purchased songs for as long as 48 hours in some cases.

What seems to be happening is users place songs/albums in their cart and when they click to buy the items the store throws an error and clears the user’s cart of any songs. It turns out the songs have been purchased but just won’t download.

Apple’s typical response has been to do Store > Check for Purchases… to download the missing songs, but seems no one has had any luck with that.

The error that we troubled users have grown to love is simply:

iTunes StoreĀ Error

Have you experienced these issues? Have you been able to get a non-canned response from Apple on the issue?

UPDATE: After over 24 hours (for me, personally) I am now able to download my purchased items from the iTunes store. I never received any sort of real explanation or even any status update saying anything was fixed. I just tried downloading them again and lucked out. Maybe they’ve got things back in working order.


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