iTunes Store downloads unresponsive for almost 48 hours


iTunes 7.4

For many users (myself included), downloading purchased songs from the iTunes store has been next to impossible.

This seems to be a widespread issue as well. Covering multiple countries such as the U.S., Germany, Canada, Sweden, and others, there are people who haven’t been able to download purchased songs for as long as 48 hours in some cases.

What seems to be happening is users place songs/albums in their cart and when they click to buy the items the store throws an error and clears the user’s cart of any songs. It turns out the songs have been purchased but just won’t download.

Apple’s typical response has been to do Store > Check for Purchases… to download the missing songs, but seems no one has had any luck with that.

The error that we troubled users have grown to love is simply:

iTunes Store Error

Have you experienced these issues? Have you been able to get a non-canned response from Apple on the issue?

UPDATE: After over 24 hours (for me, personally) I am now able to download my purchased items from the iTunes store. I never received any sort of real explanation or even any status update saying anything was fixed. I just tried downloading them again and lucked out. Maybe they’ve got things back in working order.



I have not been able to connect on Itunes to redeem my card for the last 48 hour. this is the first time I have ever had problems. I have intalled the new version and still have no satisfaction connecting to Itunes store


I purchased a Mantis NKJV Bible and cant be found in my itunes anywhere. 3 times


I am seeing this problem – I have the latest version of itunes, I have authorized my computer (new), I can purchase new music, I can play protected content that I manually copied from an external disk but the Store->check for purchases option gives the error reported above … i have tried this many times over last 48 hours. Real pain in the neck – the servers seem to be available to make new sales but are not available to fulfill the expectations set when I bought music from apple that I would be able to move the content to another computer through this feature. Reported the problems 48 hours ago to support got an automatic response since then nothing.


I called Att to forward my calls and rest the password to my phone since i forgot it…. And it seemed to get the phone working… can call and receive calls, but no settings are there and it still won’t connect to iTunes.


I’ve experienced this error for 6 months

I’m about to march on apple with an AR-15


i bought 2 movies and they wont download because it says i do not have enough space and says clean out your recycle bin and i did but still does not work what do i do


yeah i just tried to download a movie and the same icon pops up saying the itunes store is unavailable for checking purchases…its really pissing me off


They issued me 5 free songs and an apology. Of course, I STILL can’t download my 28 songs that were eaten during a recent iTunes upgrade, let alone the 5 free songs. BECAUSE IT’S STILL DOWN A WEEK LATER!!!!

Gene Butler

I have had the same issue. I reported this to Apple, and have been back and forth with emails. The last one from them was 9/12 where they said it was a system error, Apple techs were working on it, and that I’d be getting a message from them when the problem was fixed. As of 9/14 in the afternoon EDT, I have not yet gotten a ‘all fixed’ email. I will try to check the purchase later this evening.

Joey Gibson

I tried to download my purchase again last night (09/13) around 11:30 and it finally worked, after three days of not working.

Alex Morse

You know, it’s entirely possible they changed the addresses or DNS servers for their iTunes servers. Even if they do this correctly, individual ISPS can botch it up severely. I’ve had that happen to me with my servers.

Roadrunner took two weeks to accept my update, when most of the world took only a few hours.


Here in the UK I downloaded two songs on yesterday (Thursday) with no problems. Very quick actually.


126 Items Purchased since Sept. 11, Still pending download, still unable to “Check Purchases”

The back and forth from Apple Support has been frustrating, and yesterday’s last response from them was basically “We know the problem, wait 4 hours and try again, but it’s probably your ISP”

I just want them to tell me what is actually wrong. Hell, credit my account for the purchases and give me my money back.

Now, this all started when I tried to buy the Kanye West album “Graduation” – Thank goodness I’ve been able to procure it by “other means” but I still want my purchase!

Joey Gibson

I bought a single song two days ago and had this problem. As of 9:47 on 9/13, I still get the error panel from your screenshot. What’s strange, though, is that I was able to purchase and download an entire album from iTMS yesterday. I just can’t get the single I bought two days ago. Very odd.

Josh Pigford

@midloviking: Yeah, I just did it again to be sure, but still no go. This really has to be an Apple issue as there are a very large number of people who are all having the exact same issue as I am.


make sure your computer is AUTHORIZED under the Store menu in iTunes. Some how my two computers were deauthorized and I had to reauthorize in order to download some stuff. Hope this helps.


No problems in the Finnish store. I downloaded a 41 track album yesterday and it seemed quicker than usual to me??

Charles O'Rourke

I’ve bought and downloaded both music and movies (in addition to podcasts) during the past 48 hours. Not sure what could be different about my setup. I’m in the United States.


I’m using the UK store in London. I bought the new Hard-Fi album the day before yesterday. There should have been a video, which never downloaded, though all the music tracks did. When I tried to redownload it I got the old “Purchases can only be downloaded once” message, then emailed Apple and got the “try checking for purchases” line before getting the “store is currently unavailable” message. All a bit annoying.


Yeah, I’ve got this error for the last few days after trying to buy a couple of music videos from the Australian iTunes Store. The weird thing is that I’ve also downloaded an album in between then and now, and that came through without a hitch.
My response from iTunes support was not very helpful. They just told me to check that my version of iTunes was up to date, then select ‘check for purchases’. Even though I’d told them that doing so did not work. They also asked what ISP I’m with, and what sort of connection I’m on. Seemed as if they still considered it to be a user error rather than something in their system.


I don’t buy any music but I do purchase a few videos here and there and since Saturday I’ve downloaded 2 without a problem plus a couple podcasts.

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